Handling Dental Negligence Claims

When you visit a doctor, you are placing your life in their hands. There is a reason why doctors and dentists have to undergo such strict training before they are allowed to practice. It’s important that doctors make an objective decision based on the problem, and don’t get riled up with emotion that impairs their judgement. Medical negligence is considered a crime in many places. Negligence can lead to a series of problems for the patient, some of which may prove to be fatal. That is why the law gives you the option of filing a negligence claim.

If you are regularly visiting the dentist for treatment and feel that the dentist has shown negligence or hasn’t treated you in a satisfactory manner, you should consider filing dental negligence claims through a solicitor. However, the whole process is actually quite difficult and protracted. You can’t just file a claim on your own. In order for the claim to succeed, you must be able to prove that the dentist or doctor has been negligent of their duties, and have made mistakes that could easily have been avoided. The mistakes caused by the doctor must also be the cause of personal pain or trauma for the patient, which would give substance to the claim.

Hiring a Solicitor

If you feel that your dentist or doctor has been negligent of their duties, the first thing that you need to do is find a solicitor who specialises in handling negligence claims. There are many solicitors in the UK who specialise solely in handling such claims. During the first meeting, the solicitor will ask you about the details of the case. If you or a loved one was the victim of medical negligence, you would need to provide proof of what happened and recount the doctor’s decisions and behaviour from the beginning. This will give the solicitor a better idea about whether a claim exists.

Dental Negligence Claims1

One the grounds for a claim have been established, the solicitor will discuss the compensation with you. Depending on the severity of the pain and trauma caused by the doctor, the amount of settlement will vary. The solicitor will also take a small percentage of the settlement as their own fee. If the solicitor isn’t capable of winning the claim, they won’t charge any fee from you.

Following Through

Once you decide to file a claim, your solicitor will first write to the doctor, highlighting the poor decision-making and display of negligence. If the doctor decides to own up and settle the claim, the whole case will be nipped in the bud. However, the chances of this happening are very low. Instead, most doctors will contest the claim. In this case, the only option available would be to file a claim in court and prove to the jury that the doctor wasn’t able to perform the required duties properly. The jury will then decide the amount of compensation that you deserve for the ordeal you were put through.