Knowing When to Repair or Replace a Windshield

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained means looking at the entire car. One automobile area often ignored is the windshield. Drivers will often continue to ignore small cracks on their front window. In time, small cracks can lead to major repair bills. Therefore, it is wise to take care of a problematic windshield as early as possible. In this post, you will know when to repair or replace a damaged windshield.

Length of Crack

The length of a windshield crack is a key factor in determining what should be done going forward. Shorter cracks are often fixed with a simple windshield repair. It is said that a crack smaller than the length of a dollar bill is generally repairable. The more a windshield crack grows, the harder it becomes to repair. Glass is a material that breaks at random lengths which makes more extensive damage nearly impossible to repair.

Damage Near the Edge of a Windshield

A windshield crack near the edge of a vehicle is especially dangerous. Windshields are used to help a driver see out of their vehicle. In addition, a windshield provides structural support to the frame of a vehicle. In many cases, a cracked windshield lessens the structural integrity of the automobile. Repairing a cracked near the edge of a windshield is sometimes too delicate of a job to complete. Sometimes cracks near the edge are better resolved with a full windshield replacement.

Timing is Essential

It is important to know that a small crack can quickly spiral out of control. Therefore, it is best to have a cracked or chipped windshield repaired quickly. In many cases, a simple windshield repair will cost less than $100. Drivers find a repair is much easier than having to pay more for a full replacement. Waiting too long to get a windshield repaired could end up costing more if left untreated. Extremely severe cases of windshield neglect could eventually bring the entire structure down.

Crack in Driver’s Line of Sight

A crack in the driver’s line of sight requires immediate fixing, no matter how small. Cracks in the driver’s line of sight impairs overall vision. Impaired vision while on the road is asking for an accident to happen. A driver could find themselves in hot water if a repairable crack was the cause of an accident. It’s easy to find a place for collision repair in Scottsdale. You will want to ensure you find a company that provides reliable service.

In summary, there are several signs to know when to repair or replace a windshield. Smaller windshield cracks are often taken care of with a quick and simple repair. However, larger cracks may require that the replacement of an entire windshield. A replacement is usually the norm when damage occurs near the edge of a vehicle. Catching problems early helps to ensure less expensive repairs are needed. Following these tips will help ensure you know whether to replace or repair a damaged windshield.