Things To Know Before Posting A Bond

If your friend or family member in Pearland, TX, needs help getting out of jail, contact Bail Bonds in Pearland, TX. Bonds are arranged by the bond company as they have affiliated agents in various locations in Texas and other states. Bond companies can arrange a bail or a transfer bond for your loved one in another city or state.

  1. Sure shot ways to get out on bail

Recognizance – ROR or release on recognizance is for defendants charged with an offense with minor or no criminal charges and record. Before releasing the defendant, the court gets an agreement signed by the defendant without any bail. The cases wherein the court denies the ROR are; if the defendant is deemed to be a threat to the public, witnesses or to the victims.

Cash bond – In this type of bond, the entire amount is payable in cash. This type of bond does not need the intermediary like a bail bond company that charges a premium of 10 – 15 percent and a minimum fee of $100.

Collateral bond – In this type of bond, a property, or vehicle is set as collateral against the bond. Consider this type of bond when the defendant is unknown and has no record of reliability for reference or the crime is serious and the bond amount is high.

Posting A Bond

The Surety or a secured bond – When the defendant’s bail amount is high and the amount is not payable in entirety by the co-signor and the defendant together, then surety bond is the choice. The defendant pays 10 percent premium and the bail bond company pays the court the rest in case of failure to appear. A bail bond company may require collateral from the defendant or a co-signor to secure the surety bond.

  1. The cost of bail and the way to get it

The court grants bail at its discretion based on the charges, risk, or the previous criminal record. The bail amount may be up to $5000 depending on the crime or more in certain other cases. A Bond agent from a bail bond company will charge a premium 10 -15 percent and a minimum of $100 for their services.

  1. Length of stay in jail

The defendant’s stay in jail may last for as little as a couple hours to 36 hours, if they are transferred to the Brazorian County jail. The bail hearings take place from 7 A.M and 1 A.M while those arrested after 1 A.M need to wait.

  1. Bail forfeiture

When the defendant fails to appear in the court for trial on its order, the offense is bail forfeiture. On the forfeiture hearing, the court issues a warrant and forfeiture date as the defendant is officially a fugitive. If the defendant appears in the court before the forfeiture date, no bond is forfeit. However, if the defendant does not appear, the bail forfeiture occurs and the amount is payable to the court.

Everyone needs help when arrested and want bail. If one knows the basics of posting a bail, the procedure can be easier and quicker.