What Are The Most Common Injuries That You Can Sustain From A Fall?

When you fall over because of the negligence or incompetence of other people, most of the time you will escape serious harm and you can get rid back up on your feet. This is the ideal outcome and is one that we all want. However, there’s a small chance that you become seriously injured because of the trip or slip.

Common hazards include wet floors, trailing cables and cluttered furniture. These are all things that need to be dealt with properly so that people are not going to fall over and hurt themselves. What are the most common injuries that people sustain when they slip over?

Spinal Damage

It is rare that people are paralysed when they fall over, but you can still develop some spinal damage when you fall on your back. This can cause you to have a numb back or you might start to lose sensation in your neck. Your mobility could be affecting, which will impact your life in several different ways. You might also find that it is difficult to lift up bags of shopping or boxes. All of these injuries could give you the possibility of making a slip or fall injury claim in Queensland which is supported by evidence.

Broken Hips

Broken hips are not a common problem for young and middle-aged people because the hip bone is one of the most robust bones in the body. However, elderly people are more susceptible to broken hip bones because their pelvis and hips start to become more brittle as the ageing process begins to intensify. You should try and seek out some legal help if you have sustained a broken hip as the result of a fall.

This is something that will have a large impact on your life, so you might need to research different lawyers who can help you to make a claim.

Broken Nose

Falling suddenly can leave you with little time to put out your hands and cushion the fall. You might break your nose as a result of the fall. You might have tripped over a frayed cable or fallen on a broken step that has not been maintained properly. This could give you the right to make a compensation claim for the injury if you have been significantly injured.

Twisted Ankles

Slipping over unexpectedly because of some water can make it hard for you to fall safely and you might go over painfully on your ankle. When this happens you can damage the tendons and you might also cause your food to be jarred painfully underneath your body. You will possibly need crutches to help you support the weight of your injured leg or you could even need to use a wheelchair.

Even a relatively minor injury such as a twisted ankle could cause a lot of long-term pain.

You need to be aware of the different injuries that could allow you to make a compensation claim.